September & October: Unusually sunny & exceptionally busy!

Where do I begin!?

The last few months have been been so crammed full of video goodness that I think I might take all of November off! Just kidding...

I was fortunate to work on some awesome projects; my absolute favourite being a VIP event celebrating 10 years of partnership between McLaren & Technogym at the prestigious 1 Hyde Park. This video certainly got the VIP treatment too and features some epic slow motion, timelapses and a killer soundtrack.

Other highlights including camera assisting on a documentary about a revolutionary treatment for MS. This was incredibly rewarding, both creatively and personally. It was shot on a C300 and the exceptionally talented DOP provided me with some invaluable tips and tricks.

There were more films for Wex Photographic and AXA Wealth and how could I forget production managing an awesome music video for drum & bass artist Xilent! It's been an epic film and a huge congrats to my buddies Gulliver Moore and Oli Clubb for producing/directing/shooting/editing it.

November is already fully booked and I'll be kicking things off with 3 days in Dublin. Not a bad start to the month! Don't worry, I'll make sure I have a Guiness for you.



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